Specializing in Mutual Funds Risk/Return Prospectus-Corporate filings

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Public companies can streamline the process of reporting financial information to regulatory bodies (such as SEC) by using the SecXbrlfiler suite of applications. SecXbrlfiler can extract financial data from any source (ERP, Excel, financials consolidation applications) to be tagged and published using XBRL thus making the process accurate, fast and compliant.

Financial Printer

XBRL or "Interactive Data" is soon going to replace the existing HTML filing process. By partnering with SecXbrlfiler, Financial Printers can use the solution to tag the data with the right taxonomy for XBRL. SecXbrlfiler solution is a webbased, collaborative, easy to use solution designed to support your existing workflow.

Data Aggregator

XBRL is changing the way fundamental financial data is reported, disseminated and analyzed. With the changes in the fundamental financial data reporting chain, existing technology might not suffice to meet the needs of your customers. The iParser solution has been designed to address the functionality gaps that will exist in your existing processes and systems once XBRL is adopted by your stakeholders.


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About Us

Based on XML, a standard means of communicating information on the Internet, XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) is a specialized form of interactive data designed for businesses. It is a mechanism that allows business reports to be marked/tagged in such a way that the meaning of fact in the report is understandable and standardized. XBRL is specifically designed to provide rapid access to information.


New Rules
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has mandated that all operating companies and mutual funds must furnish significant portions of regulatory reporting information in XBRL format, putting increased pressure on the external reporting process.